According to the latest Census Bureau statistics the date at which whites people will become a minority in the United states has been revised to 2042. It was originally set at 2061 then revised to 2050 and then further revised to 2042. Any sober reflection on current demographic, social, and political trends should convince even the most ardent skeptic that a political breakup of the United States is a very distinct possibility in the decades to come. That is why Caucasia advocates the creation of a white Ethno-State to be known as the Republic of Caucasia. (ROC) Caucasia exists to explore that possibility and to illustrate how such a nation may come into being and the type of ideology it must adopt if it hopes to achieve stability, longevity, and sustainability.

An expanded introduction

Caucasia is both a political advocacy group for white Americans and the name of a future hypothetical white Ethno-State. (The Republic or Caucasia or ROC) Caucasia rejects Liberal Democracy because it is neither truly liberal or truly democratic! We also reject America’s endless wars for non-existent peace as well as Unbridled Capitalism and Cultural Marxism. We make a distinction between free enterprise and capitalism. We advocate self-determination for all including African-Americans, Native-Americans, French-Canadians, Anglo-Canadians, Hispanics, and white Americans. A people can never be truly happy and free unless they are in nations of their own ethnicity firmly in control of their own destiny! Freedom may refer to independence or the absence of tyranny but a people are never truly free unless they are sovereign. To be sovereign is to be in control of you own destiny and hence your future. Freedom without sovereignty is mere illusion! Just because a people happen to be a numerical majority in a given country does not imply they are sovereign. White people are not a sovereign people in the United States even through they comprise a numerical majority because they are not in control of their own destiny! Nor for that matter are African-Americans, Native-Americans, or Hispanics.


Science Fiction is awash in stories whereby time travelers from the future travel to the past to prevent some catastrophe that has impacted negatively upon their future. The reality is that if we do not change the timeline we are on at the present the entire white race goes extinct sometime in the mid or late 22nd century via negative birthrates and assimilation. What will means is that China (AKA East Asians) will become the dominant race on the planet and we can expect an invasion of the former majority white regions of the world and quite possibly the ethnic cleansing of the racially mixed and non-Chinese people that now reside in these areas. If that be the case then the great experiment in multiracial diversity the West has undertaken ends in genocide by the Greater Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere! In which case the entire planet becomes the exclusive domain of the new Chinese master race. This is not so far fetched when we consider most Political Scientists and Historians predict China will surpass the United States in the decades to come in terms of economy and eventually become a super-power that will displace the United States. Even now China has enacted a colonial policy in Africa building their infrastructure and technology in exchange for them signing their mineral rights away. I need not remind you that China has also scrapped its one child policy. All that excess population will have to go somewhere!

Caucasia is a political advocacy group for white Americans. We are a National Populist oriented blog and believe in self-determination for all humanity. We believe anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a psychotic cult, or a tyrannical government! We oppose both Unbridled Capitalism and Marxist style socialism. We believe the key to a sustainable future is one based on political devolution and universal sovereignty. We will expand upon these concepts and many more in subsequent posts to come.